Wine List

“Trois Cent Onze is honored by wine spectator for having one of the most outstanding restaurant wine list in the world.”[Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2004, 2005]
Trois Cent Onze is centered around two main pools of attraction, its food and its wines. We believe that there is no better compliment to a well executed dish than its corresponding wine.

Today, for our greatest pleasure, wines of quality are available in various types, styles and colors, from numerous origins around the world (France, Spain, California, Oregon, Italy, Chile, New Zealand, Australia… to only name a few). Unfortunately, this may also turn a wine selection into an even more complex decision. For this reason, to accompany each wine on our list, we have included our interpretation of their characteristics in the form of a short description.

If not indicated differently, our listed bottles have a net content of 750ml.

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